The Senior Membership program has been discontinued until further notice


All seniors ages 60+ are welcome to become a member! Cost of membership is $200 for 3 months. Members of this program will receive:

  • 2 workshops (of any length) over the course of the 3 months
  • 20% off all paid events at CCAC

Stay active and stay connected through our workshops here at CCAC, whether you are interested in learning, mentoring, tutoring, producing, or collaborating. We want to hear from you!

*One credit covers the full length of the workshop selected. A credit can be applied towards any of our workshops, regardless of length or duration. However, once a credit is used, it cannot be put towards another workshop regardless of how many sessions you choose to attend. (i.e., if you choose not to attend all sessions, or do not like the workshop you selected, a credit cannot be transferred to another workshop). Credits do not cover cost of supplies, unless the workshop description states that supplies are included. Please note that only 1 membership can be purchased per person.

Interested in signing up? CLICK HERE to register! Once complete, you will be able to apply your credits to any of the workshops on the schedule below. Contact us to select your workshops and apply your credits!