Here at CCAC, we are excited to announce our CCAC Faculty Art Exhibitions. Our goal with these exhibitions is to highlight the faculty currently offering oversight for some of our courses in painting, drawing, sculpture, and ceramics at Cornell Creative Arts Center, and infuse a larger awareness of all the talent that exists within our organization. Currently in our faculty exhibit you can see some of the current work that our teachers have been developing over the past year.

The first exhibition, on display February 7th through March 25th, will showcase the works of our wonderful instructors.

This will become an annual event whereby we will offer the art community an inside view of the galleries’ sensibility and type of work we will be exhibiting.


Participating Faculty:

Jeanette Farrow – Sculpture

Mary ( Susie) Amato – Sculpture

Shana Circe – Watercolor

Karen Jaimes – Ceramics

Kim Baglieri – Painting

John Smith-Amato – Painting, Drawing, & Art as Therapy

Jackie Fisher – Ceramics

Gülnar Babayeva – Ceramics


Our new identity begins with a new Mission statement: To provide access to education and support in the full spectrum of the arts for a diverse and underserved community in an environment that promotes equality and unity.


We are now a subsidiary of the ARC as our parent organization yet we function as a separate and independent 501 C-3 arts organization and service org provider.



Gallery hours are Tuesday through Saturday, 10 am to 6 pm or by special appointment