Share the experience of The Artistic Process! The Art Spirit lives in us all and we never appreciate it more than when we collaborate in the process of connecting to the world around us. Come together with your community in the creative design of THE METAPHOR through painting,  sculpture, ceramics, drawing, theatre, music, writing and more! We will have it all. Our experienced and professional artists are here to help guide, collaborate, support and initiate the process of creating the metaphor, in every medium.
From 12pm to 5pm, artists of all ages are welcome to come by and spend time creating together in any medium you choose! Take a look at the sign up list below, and select as many activities as you’d like to participate in. You’ll have creative freedom within each area, and our staff will be provide guidance, support and assistance as you explore every medium.
Please sign up for each medium you’re interested in exploring, using the list below: