Workshops Coming Soon

Anatomy, Composition and the Narrative, with Susie Amato & Jeanette Farrow 

Beginning in May, $300 per person, sliding scale options available for those who qualify

5-day workshop, will create an exciting environment around sculpting the human figure and portrait. Students will examine the human anatomy, find the relationship between positive and negative space, and learn how to describe the figure and portrait in a three-dimensional way. This class will bring students of all levels into the world of figurative sculpture and foster an environment in which all participants can make informed artistic choices, and find inspiration from artworks throughout history.


Drawing & Painting with John Smith-Amato 

Wednesdays beginning April 8th, 11am-2pm
$750 per person, sliding scale options available for those who qualify

12-day workshop – Subject matter : the head, portrait, still life, continuity drawing and composition, Color and texture, Life drawing from a model, landscape/ plein air, understanding and use of color and texture creating shape in space. You will work at the center and at home. All levels from beginners to advanced. Work from life, still life, still images.  All work on canvas for painting and Drawing paper 22 x 16 in large charcoal . Covered in 12 weeks, portrait/ the head, figure and in costume, still life, life drawing, landscape/plein air, working from an image ( upside down, translation from B/W to color, ) gesture drawing, studying the planes cube the head, recall, usual study exercises.


Personification of the Inanimate with Jackie Fischer 

Beginning March 1st, $300 per person, sliding scale options available for those who qualify

In this 8-week ceramic sculpture class, you will learn the ancient technique of coil building and its application in contemporary art. You will learn how to use this versatile medium to create beautiful, funny, and visually intriguing sculptures. You will be encouraged to explore your creativity and draw inspiration from everyday objects as you transform them into sculptures with human-like personalities. Get ready to broaden your horizons and have fun in this inspiring ceramic sculpture class.


Intro to Wheel with BethAnn Shoenfeld

Beginning end of March, $300 per person, sliding scale options available for those who qualify

This 8-week ceramic sculpture class will introduce you to the potter’s wheel. You will learn how to center clay and pull walls to make a cup, mug or bowl, and explore a variety of decorating and glazing techniques.


Art Therapy Sessions with John Smith-Amato

Tuesdays 2-8pm, $750 per person, sliding scale options available for those who qualify

General Public Group Art Therapy sessions. Art , by its nature, is therapeutic. The primary goal sought in art as therapy is the establishment of clarity from which behaviors that distort balance and equilibrium prohibit harmonic relationship between the mind and senses. The therapeutic method provides tools for awareness of reactionary behaviors, triggers in neuro or biochemical predisposition whole providing context for cause and effect. In order to make manifest cognition of one’s sense connectivity a meaningful efficacy becomes peace and tranquility when such tools are implemented. As such, the therapist should only facilitate, engage and support in the establishment of equilibrium and balance.


Art as Therapy with John Smith-Amato

Tuesdays 2-8pm, $750 per person, sliding scale options available for those who qualify

Learn the process of providing art as therapy. After 4 weeks you can be eligible for supervision credit for credentialling. (If you are currently in school, ½ tuition : If you are trying this to help you decide to go to study art as therapy 1/3 tuition; if you are here to learn my method and plan to go into practice having already completed credentialling: ¾ tuition)

Upcoming Events

Annual Gifted Exhibition 

This annual exhibition will provide education for High School age artists on the process of gallery exhibition curation, and will highlight the talents of young gifted artists.


Monthly Coffeehouse at CCAC

Final Friday night of each month from 7pm-9pm | Coffee & refreshments served | Free to attend, donations welcome

Performances include music, poetry, comedy, monologues, spoken word, and more!

Tentative first performance date of April 28th


May – A Month of Japan

In this month long cultural celebration of Japan, CCAC will work with Japanese artists, chefs, and performers to highlight elements Japanese culture. The month will feature performances and workshops, both for entertainment and education!


June – Pride Celebration at CCAC

Events throughout the month of June will celebrate the LGBTQIA+ community of the Hudson Valley, and bringing awareness to queer artists and activists throughout history.