Monthly Studio Rental

We invite experienced ceramists to create independently in our beautiful, spacious, bright, clean studio. We have a few private parking spaces in the lot by the studio entrance for convenient pick-up and drop-off, plenty of street parking, and a huge parking lot nearby. Our 1,850 square foot studio receives lots of natural light, is equipped with an Air King filtration system and large ceiling fans.

We fire mid-high range clay to cone 6 in oxidation and up to cone 10 in reduction. Gas firings depend on volume. Several cone 6-10 clay bodies are available for purchase. We have white porcelain and brown stoneware for potters, and Brooklyn Red (^8) stoneware for sculptors at $20 per 25lb. bag. You can bring your own clay and glazes if approved by the studio manager in advance.

Membership is for experienced clay artists only. If you are interested in membership, you will be asked to follow these steps:

  • Fill out the application at the bottom of this page
  • Once accepted, schedule a studio orientation session to ensure proper use of equipment
  • Sign a membership Agreement, pay the  first month’s fees, and choose a shelf. Monthly membership costs $200 for single shelf measuring 6’L x 2′ W x 17′ H
  • We do not promote short-term membership and ask that those that apply are interested in a long-term relationship with the studio
  • You can become a member after taking advanced ceramic classes at CCAC


What’s included with membership:

  • Access to the studio during non-class hours: Monday through Friday 9:30am-9:30pm, Saturday 10am-6pm. Hours are subject to contractual lease agreements. There may be classes in session or other artists in the studio. For full access, please discuss with instructor of potential conflicting classes. We have a shared Google Calendar showing when classes are in session.
  • Access to clay tools, buckets, sponges, rolling pins, plaster and fiber molds, 5-16″ banding wheels, plenty of table space, drywall work boards
  • Access to 1 Brent Classic wheel that is ADA wheelchair accessible with custom height adjustment, 4 Brent CXC wheels, 4 Bailey Pro-X Wheels, a mixing drill for glazes, a slab roller, 2 handheld extrudes, a heat gun and box fan
  • Glazes are provided: 17 oxidation and 15 reduction glazes, oxide washes, modest amounts of wax and underglaze can be used, as these 2 items are reserved for students. Production potters who require large amounts of materials should purchase their items directly from a supplier or must pay CCAC an additional materials fee, which is assessed on a weekly basis.

***Firing fees are separate and must be paid in advance. Members are not allowed to load/unload or fire the kilns without supervision. For pricing and information about kiln services, please click here.


General Information

  • Firing fees are separate and must be paid by the end of the month using the Mindbody app. A staff member must sign the ‘Paid’ column in the Firing Fee Logbook. Members pay $0.06 per cubic inch for the electric kiln, and $0.10 for the gas kiln.
  • Participants are not allowed to load/unload or fire the kilns without supervision
  • The studio is not responsible for pieces that break during the firing process, or get thrown out if abandoned for more than 30 days
  • Start cleanup at least 20 minutes before the studio closes; you should be totally cleaned up by the end of open studio time.
  • No outside clay or glazes are allowed unless you can prove it is cone 6 and have the Studio Manager’s approval
  • No foreign objects allowed to be fired in clay without permission of Studio Manager
  • No glazes, slips, tools or studio equipment of any kind should be removed from the studio. All studio tools must be cleaned and returned so that others may have access to them.
  • Shelves must be kept clean and free of dry clay to minimize hazardous dust.